09 June 2000
harddrive and visor data transfer mess

I finally found the time to install my new harddrive. I'm so amused with how cute the drive is. It's hard for me to believe that this box, smaller than my visor, holds 12 gigs of fun. The actual replacement process turned into more of a fiasco than I had hoped for. In order to swap the drives you must remove the processor daughter card. After transfering data, swaping drives, and reassembling the powerbook i was left with a six poung brick that responded to no amount of prodding, button pushing, or switch reseting. I was very upset.

eva super star eva super star

Frustrated, I went to go see Eva and we walked down to Bill B's for a movie night with the ed tech crew. Eva made superstar poses for me to cheer me up.


We watched a sappy high school movie remake of taming of the shrew. It was alright. Bill B. has a very large television, from which we sat only 8 feet away. Witness the spectar of a 4 foot britney spears head!

Later that night I fixed the powerbook. It turns out that I needed to push down harder than any sane person might expect to in order to reseat the processor card. scary. But it works.