05 June 2000

Bill is a good consumer. New toys arrived today: Airport Base Station to make the chiaHouse network wireless. The plain box is a new 12gig harddrive for my trusty powerbook. The harddrive was at a price that was too good to pass up, and it more than doubles my portable music capacity. Yay!

Coffee houses that I like were overly packed with knitting circles (no kidding) and youth groups, so I got stuck in cafe zola (not so good coffee, trying to have an atmosphere, and failing, good if you get a couch but not worth the other crap otherwise). I did take some time to stop and enjoy my David Ignatow compilation "Against the Evidence" that I haven't touched in weeks. I just read a poem "Information" that seemed particularly well pointed towards technologies of today. I what he was thinking of in '77 when it was published. I can offer many interpretations for the poem but it really applies well to information architecture and technology.