01 June 2000

After a frenzy of wireless communication--me in Southfield for a business dinner, chia-grill at home, ed tech friends at Dominics--all understand and acknowledge the appearance of a keg at the weekly chia-grill. While the keg was not my motivation for leaving (I was having a nice time at a cool Korean restaurant, the New Seoul Garden), I make it home by about nine, and the ed tech crew appears moments later. The keg turns out to be a tepid-left-over-from-someone's-memorial-day-event barrel of bud light but that doesn't seem to disappoint most of the whiley bunch, many of whom have already consumed a metric-assload of sangria. I had a nice time watching friends act crazy while I relaxed after a long day. The only visible evidence of this event can be found in the dimly lit and fuzzy captures of our fridge. Kristin worked long and hard to carve these phrases into our freezer, partially captured for your entertainment.