30 May 2000

Apparently while the office quieted down for the holiday weekend, a mouse felt it was safe to venture out and search for grub. Unbeknownst to the little one, my two fearless office mates were in full effect and busted da 'ittle mammalian. While Baohui was ready to pop a cap in the rodent's ass, Eric thought the bugger was cute and stuck him in a large tupperware container for all to see come Tuesday morn. The mouse (affectionately know around the hi-ce office as: mi-ce) looked something like this.

Later that evening, the mouse was deported and released in a relatively cat-free city park. Best of luck.

Other adventure of the day: Sitting around the chiaHouse after work I receive a call from Gretchen. She is ready for the best chili-cheese fries she's ever had, and they're at a place she's been to once. Afterbar. So the details are sketchy. We know: a) it's in or near Canton b) there's a big donkey on top of the place, and c) it could be called nay's or bray's, or something. Using the power of dsl(yahoo yellowpages&mapquest)+landline(gretchen)+cellphone(interrogating supposedly innocent minimum wage workers) we locate Bray's Hamburger in Westland.

We made the 25 mile trek in my chariot to Brays just east of 275 on Ford. Gretchen, rarely impressed with my music, took control of the cd changer. They serve two kinds of burgers; and fries with chili, cheese, both, or none. That was about it. Coke too. A real stylin 50's style joint with peachy-orange vinyl booths and Formica tables. Real class. If it weren't for the people in there it could have been a movie set. The food was good and I'll definitely have to make it out there for their breakfast menu, which is served until 11:30a (ack). I love breakfast.

It turns out this place didn't have an ass on top of the place, but it was in fact in their entryway. tada: