29 May 2000

Memorial Day weekend has been a blast. Below you see the results of one day of the weekend. My friend and neighbor Gretchen enlisted my help in a nifty reclamation project. While a great deal of her backyard is asphalt, a small plot was a tall pile of weeds and bits of detritus. Gretchen had the strong desire for a peaceful backyard in which she could sit and relax. First she whacked and mowed, spewing green bits to and fro. Next we were off to a greenery west of town and shopped for an array of various leafy and flowery plants. Next the garden is sculpted. I did little bits of work here and there, offering my opinion on one plant or another, but really I just sat back and watched a pile of weeds turn into a nice little garden. All in less than five hours. Martha Stewart could only hope to be so successful.

These flowers were nice enough to keep, but unfortunately they were in the wrong spot and had to go. There's no way to tell in this picture, but some of the petals were white, others with light purple, and then just a few flowers were actually swirled. I was happy to have them in the kitchen for the days they lasted.

After cleaning up, Gretchen whipped up a little something and we enjoy grilled shrimp, sangria, and some Buena Vista Social Club in her garden until late. A relaxing end to an exciting but not so relaxing weekend.

The rest of the weekend was taken up by the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Andy came out from Minneapolis on Friday with friend Chris who continued to Ohio to visit one of her friends. Andy and I made out to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival for two days. The music was really good; the vibe was even better. I danced for too many hours and fed off of the energy filling Hart Plaza. I was too busy enjoying to record anything from the event, but if you’re really curious, go check the demf website, cnn, or your favorite news source.