26 May 2000

So here it begins. I've tried a few times before to start something resembling a web log and it just hasn't worked. I end up writing things that I could never share because the wrong person would definitely read it. That's just the way these things work. But leaving work one spring day I found my car completely covered in pink flower petals; the fruit tree under which I had left my car lost most of its petals in an afternoon shower. Walking up to my car I thought, "how beautiful," and the image stuck in my head for the rest of the day. The idea for a web log based around or at least loosely on images followed.

First order of business was a source of images. After playing with the idea of buy a JamCam or some other cheap and barelyCompatibleWithMyPowerBook camera, I came across the Toshiba PDR-2 on eBay. After doing some research, it seemed like a pretty good deal. I got it for cheap, and it's a really small camera that I can keep with me at all times if necessary. The camera takes grainy, small pictures that are easy to upload to my PowerBook. So most of the images you'll see here are more likely to be visual placeholders, almost more symbolic than representative. A brief and lofi capture of bits of my life. It'll be an experiment. Maybe as I do this more I'll decide I really want better quality. Maybe I'll give up in a week.

So here's the first picture I took with my mini-cam (I got it used, and the previous owner left a bunch of goofy pictures that I have since deleted. Some guy at a whiteboard wearing a sombrero was the best). I'm smiling on the inside, honestly (I was busy trying to understand the little LEDs next to my eyeball when I accidentally snapped a shot).