1. what monkey?

    monkey.org is a thing run by dugsong, dirt, jim, dros and others. monkey.org is selfish. if you get anything out of it, consider yourself a lucky monkey.

  2. who monkey?

    monkeys are all around you.

  3. where monkey?

    monkey.org is tri-costal. monkey is where it needs to be.

  4. when monkey?

    monkey.org is old enough to drink.

  5. why monkey?

    perhaps dcopp answers it best with this monkey koan:

    Monkeys cause me to be both angry and happy.
    It is much like a piece of metal stuck in your eye.
    You like the metal because it is shiny,
    but you also hate it because it is causing you a great deal of pain.

    think about it.

  6. whow monkey?

    wash, you filthy mute! wash!

  7. domains foo?

    go here

  8. pay us?

    go here

  9. mail config?

    go here