Michael Shiplett

Contact Information


Technical Knowledge

Bourne shell, C, C++, Java, LISP/Scheme, Perl, PHP, PostScript, Python, SQL, Tcl
System Administration
AFS, CVS, Kerberos IV/V, Squid, SSH, Zephyr
Document Markup and Processing

Professional Experience

Arbor Networks
Code Wrangler
July 2005 to Present
University of Michigan
Systems Programmer
March 2005 to July 2005 (contract position)
  • Wrote Kerberos 4 to Kerberos 5 migration plan.
  • Added client-side rxkad 2b support to locally-developed rx-based protocols, in particular orient and ABS.
  • Added GNU Autotools support to ABS library.
cisco Systems
Code Wrangler
April 2000 to March 2005
  • Development and maintenance of IS-IS routing protocol in C for in IOS-XR. Perform code reviews. Write and review Functional and Design Specifications. Develop unit tests.
    Contributed features:
    • Incremental SPF implementation
    • HMAC-MD5 authentication
    • Warm standby
  • Designed and implemented a prototype white-box test framework for IOS-XR. Gave internal presentation of framework. Provided guidance for implementation of production framework.
  • Wrote design specification for adding symmetric threading support to routing database.
  • Ported Python 2.2 to IOS-XR.
UUNET Technologies Division of MCI (formerly ANS)
Network Security Guy
July 1995 to April 2000
  • Responsible for network and computer security of internal and external systems in Ann Arbor, MI and Purchase, NY. Follow up on reports of security incidents. Maintain perimeter security. Review audit trails. Determine security requirements for new systems. Write and implement security policies.
  • Provide documentation and training for systems administrators on day-to-day security administration.
  • Train new staff on use of basic Kerberos commands.
  • Install, enhance, and maintain security-related packages, e.g., Kerberos, SSH, tripwire.
  • Coordinated migration from Kerberos IV to Kerberos V.
  • Company representative to Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) and ISPSEC security groups.
University of Michigan
Systems Research Programmer
May 1991 to July 1995
  • Developed prototype for the Accounting and Billing System (ABS). Designed and wrote production ABS RPC APIs for fund providers, fund administrators, and service consumers. Implemented ABS user interface using HTML forms and HTTP CGI programs.
  • Supported AFS and Kerberos IV for NeXTSTEP, SunOS, and Solaris. Integrated AFS and Kerberos authentication into various libraries and programs for use by university users.
  • Wrote threaded AFS monitoring system.
  • Implemented m4-based configuration for bigbrother monitoring system to reduce size of configuration file by an order of magnitude.
  • Designed and implemented an AFS-availability graphing system based on the monitoring data from bigbrother monitoring system.
  • Wrote Solaris threads extension and proof-of-concept AFS extension for Python.
Computer Operator
January 1990 to May 1991
  • Watch over an IBM ES/9000 mainframe running AIX/370, MTS, MVS, and VM. Mount user tapes. Run nightly and weekly backups.


University of Michigan
BA in Mathematics and Economics, 1988


Available upon request.