killin' time in aisle nine

the original bad boy
training day
hal 9000's name was oh so prescient
going once, going twice, gone to the highest nielsen rating
one from the why wasn't my wordcount higher? vault
and the deadline followup, minutes after the credits rolled
more fun with americanpiecrobat
who is erin podolski?
may the way of the hero lead to the triforce
3, 2, 1.. it's on!
next on the list: army fat camp
whatever you say, whatever you do, i will be write here waiting for you
incoherent and flowless, much like the show itself
guess what? it's gonna be me!
he's no bob probert, but he's close.
jim, this man is dead.
i've never actually seen this show.
are we not men? we are tivo!
return of the dead-eye.*
look, ma, i rocked the vote
where did i put my manwich coupon?
these people appropriated my work and didn't pay me. hmm.
mmm. naked chicks.
it's not every day you get to talk to one of the greats.
i'm the king of the flop.
flaccid or just plain rancid?
my favorite flintstones character is bamm bamm.
and to think i used to like clarissa.
fuck you, pay me.
did somebody say tapioca?
i don't even have to ask. stanley, get your butt up here.
no, mr. bond, i expect you to die.

i'm going to redesign this sometime soon, but i needed something quick and painless.
* - this piece use to reside at roughcut. aol+time warner==roughcut go byebye. now it is archived here for posterior-ity.

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