technically, these aren't all videos. suffice it to say that they were viewed on a television, sometimes with the assistance of a vcr, sometimes with the assistance of cable, sometimes with the assistance of dvd. viewings other than pan'n'scam are marked as such.

dead man walking
red rock west
rebel without a cause
romeo and juliet (1968)
romeo and juliet (1996) (widescreen)
the english patient
ferris bueller's day off
roman holiday
les miserables (1995)
austin powers
a face in the crowd
somewhere in time
little women (1994)
the seventh seal
fast times at ridgemont high
some kind of wonderful
scent of a woman
my brilliant career
shallow grave
the lords of discipline
the accidental tourist
full metal jacket
star trek: first contact
dazed and confused
the big sleep
bringing up baby
his girl friday
austin powers
donnie brasco
true believer
men in black (widescreen)
the big chill
lost highway (widescreen)
tank girl
hard eight
goodfellas (dvd widescreen)
ferris bueller's day off
the professional (dvd widescreen)
this boy's life
starship troopers (dvd widescreen)
the hamster factor and other tales of 12 monkeys (the making of 12 monkeys)
starship troopers (director/writer audio commentary, dvd widescreen)
contact (dvd widescreen)
mars attacks!
contact (jodie foster audio commentary, dvd widescreen)
starship troopers (dvd widescreen)
l.a. confidential (dvd widescreen)
once in a blue moon
marnie (widescreen)
grosse pointe blank
eve's bayou (dvd widescreen)
l.a. confidential (dvd widescreen)
eve's bayou (director/writer/editor audio commentary, dvd widescreen)
the fifth element (dvd widescreen)
dial m for murder
my girl
some kind of wonderful
12 monkeys (dvd widescreen)
timecop (dvd)
12 monkeys (director/producer audio commentary, dvd widescreen)
taxi driver
contact (laserdisc widescreen)
the lion king
the lion king
gattaca (dvd widescreen)
boogie nights (dvd widescreen)
boogie nights (director/writer audio commentary, dvd widescreen)
city of lost children
gattaca (dvd widescreen)
sense and sensibility
in & out
new york stories
zero effect (dvd widescreen)
starship troopers (dvd widescreen)
the great santini
cries and whispers (laserdisc widescreen)
rebel without a cause (laserdisc widescreen)
one flew over the cuckoo's nest (dvd widescreen)
crash (dvd widescreen)
starship troopers (dvd widescreen)
the big lebowski (dvd widescreen)
the heart is a lonely hunter
chinatown (laserdisc widescreen)
to sleep with anger (laserdisc)
blue velvet (laserdisc widescreen)
austin powers (dvd widescreen)
the devil's advocate
a league of their own
sister act (in spanish!)
meatballs 2
mr. nice guy
clear and present danger (dvd widescreen)
out of sight (dvd widescreen)
the opposite of sex (dvd widescreen)
dark city (dvd widescreen)
out of sight (dvd widescreen)
the sweet hereafter (director/writer/author audio commentary, dvd widescreen)
this happy breed
the postman always rings twice
my darling clementine (laserdisc)
the loneliness of the long distance runner
bottle rocket
pi (dvd widescreen)
the curse of frankenstein
the go-between
barbarella - print version, daily arts weekend story of the week despite being hacked to pieces
red river
gunfight at the o.k. corral
hour of the gun
shakespeare in love (widescreen)
something wild
something wild
hope and glory
distant voices, still lives (widescreen)
my beautiful laundrette
3:10 to yuma (laserdisc)
bulworth (dvd widescreen)
the eel (widescreen)
rio bravo
jacob's ladder (dvd widescreen)
pleasantville (director/writer audio commentary, dvd widescreen)
the tall guy
swingers (dvd widescreen)
great expectations (1946)
the good, the bad and the ugly
for a few dollars more (laserdisc widescreen)
a fistful of dollars
slums of beverly hills (dvd widescreen)
out of sight (dvd widescreen)
american graffiti (dvd widescreen)
devil in a blue dress (dvd widescreen)
bringing up baby
out of sight (director/writer audio commentary, dvd widescreen)
conspiracy theory
austin powers (dvd widescreen)
permanent midnight (dvd widescreen)
permanent midnight (director/writer audio commentary, dvd widescreen)
austin powers (director/writer audio commentary, dvd widescreen)
freeway (dvd widescreen)
la femme nikita (dvd widescreen)
freeway (director audio commentary, dvd widescreen)
welcome to the dollhouse (widescreen)
zero effect (director/writer audio commentary, dvd widescreen)
leaving las vegas (dvd widescreen)
the big lebowski (dvd widescreen)
the general (dvd widescreen)
rushmore (dvd widescreen)

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