gods and monsters
the thin red line
waking ned devine
la jetee
in dreams (print version) - daily arts story of the week
strangers on a train
the celebration
the virginian
she's all that (print version)
the thin red line
the ox-bow incident
playing by heart (print version)
a simple plan
rushmore - check out my interview with jason schwartzman, daily arts story of the week
the third man
blast from the past (print version)
12 angry men
the magnificent ambersons
the corruptor (print version)
office space - or read the print version, daily arts film story of the week
200 cigarettes (print version)
the man from laramie
8mm (print version)
hilary and jackie
office space
cruel intentions
the general
the general
analyze this
the deep end of the ocean (print version)
the searchers
lock, stock and two smoking barrels
the mod squad (print version)
bonnie and clyde
rio bravo
ravenous (print version)
young mr. lincoln
the matrix
eXistenZ (print version)
the man who shot liberty valance
election (print version)
god said, "ha!"
the matrix
10 things i hate about you
children of heaven (print version), daily arts film story of the week
a simple plan
go (print version)
midnight cowboy
never been kissed (print version)
killer's kiss
2001: a space odyssey
mccabe and mrs. miller
the castle (print version) - or read my interview with director rob sitch
goodbye, lover (print version)
cookie's fortune
the big carnival
pushing tin
grand canyon
the dreamlife of angels
entrapment (print version)
idle hands (print version)
the harmonists
american pie (print version/interview with writer adam herz)
a midsummer's night dream
tea with mussolini
the mummy
the phantom menace
the phantom menace
the winslow boy
notting hill
bottle rocket
the killing
paths of glory
to live and die in l.a.
freeway (director's cut)
austin powers: the spy who shagged me
american pie
the blair witch project
double indemnity
the woman in the window
the general's daughter
run lola run (print version)
austin powers: the spy who shagged me
the blue dahlia
this gun for hire
one false move
heaven's gate (uncut)
summer of sam
aliens (70mm)
south park: bigger, longer and uncut
an ideal husband
big daddy
the end of the affair
lake placid (print version)
run lola run
wild at heart
run lola run
the hospital
eyes wide shut - ode to k (print version), or read the original
eyes wide shut
bowfinger (printer version)
dick (print version)
the haunting
thieves like us
the manchurian candidate
deep blue sea (print version)
drop dead gorgeous
the sixth sense
the thomas crown affair (1968)
twin falls idaho (print version)
the sixth sense
the sixth sense
some like it hot
brokedown palace
dog day afternoon
stigmata (print version)
for love of the game
american beauty (three words: kevin fucking spacey)
guinevere (or read the print version)
american beauty
stop making sense (print version)
better than chocolate (print version)
double jeopardy (print version)
three kings
mumford (print version)
the straight story
superstar (print version)
drive me crazy (print version)
the shawshank redemption
american beauty (three more words: wes bentley)
random hearts (print version)
felicia's journey (print version, or read my interview with atom egoyan)
the best man
jacob's ladder (read my rather lame interview with writer bruce joel rubin)
fight club (or read the print version, but i don't recommend it)
the lovers on the bridge
bringing out the dead
the story of us
the bone collector
music of the heart
american beauty
fight club
black cat, white cat
being john malkovich (print version)
days of heaven
princess mononoke (print version)
flawless (print version)
crazy in alabama (or read the print version)
mansfield park (print version)
after life (print version)
being john malkovich
the insider
the limey
grand illusion
boys don't cry (print version)
american beauty
the princess bride
sleepy hollow (or read the print version)
snow falling on cedars
toy story 2
the messenger: the story of joan of arc
the world is not enough (or read the print version)
the legend of 1900 (print version)
the cider house rules (print version)
american beauty
angela's ashes
end of days
liberty heights
the green mile
man on the moon (or read the print version)
anna and the king (print version)
tin men
princess mononoke
ride with the devil
the hurricane
last night
stuart little
any given sunday
the talented mr. ripley (or read the print version)
galaxy quest
fantasia 2000

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