Recent Researches

  • 2006.7 eEye Diffing Suite(EBDS) Released
  • DarunGrim Snapshot(Sept/2/2006)
  • DarunGrim Snapshots

  • MS06-007 Snapshot
  • MS06-007 Enhanced Snapshot
  • MS06-007 Flash Movie

    Old security works

  • Publish
  • 2003.1.25 SQL worm tester
  • 2003.1.25 SQL worm analysis: short code
  • Eat Gopher![IE gopher BOF exploit]: shellcode and "jmp esp" position must be changed according to your os and IE version!
  • Got 6th place in Honeynet Reverse Challenge
  • /bin/login x86 exploit
  • hnam.c to transparent proxying with ipf+fwtk
  • moderated booteasy tool (which is included in OpenBSD distribution) - added OpenBSD,windows type!
  • cook .ida! .ida nasty exploit,it really works on some machines.
  • Some exploits - old stuff.

    BugTruck Opened

    Description: This group is for Korean hackers and security researchers who want to share their knowledge and skills.

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