Marius Eriksen

c/o Twitter Inc
1355 Market Street, Suite 900
San Francisco CA 94103
United States

I work at CITI Google Mixer Labs Twitter on distributed filesystems, OpenBSD, virtualization, window management, network management, WAN network optimization, cluster scheduling, geospatial database systems, RPC systems, RPC protocols, concurrent programming, systems programming, functional programming, systems profiling

I’m on the PCs of The Scala Workshop, PLOS, and CUFP this year. They are all excellent conferences to which you should consider submitting your work!

A preprint of my PLOS’13 paper, “Your Server as a Function”

You should participate in CUFP this year

Some recent talks

Effective Scala (video)
At Scala BASE on effective use of the Scala language through some recent work.
Systems Programming at Twitter
A talk about systems programming (mostly about Futures and Finagle) at Twitter.


Not mine (and better for it); these deserve yearly readings:

Halmos’ essay on mathematical writing applies equally well to any sort of nonfiction.
—Hamming’s classic “You and your research” might as well have been called “you and your work.” There’s also a video of the actual talk.
Strunk and White. Omit needless words! Omit needless words! Omit needless words!


Photographs from Kyrgyzstan
In which Brian and I travel to a remote corner of the planet to find beautiful nature, outdated amusement parks, and few speakers of English.
I was part of the original — now famous! — San Francisco to Google (in Mountain View) bicycling group.
A window manager I wrote in 2005; it has since become part of the base OpenBSD install, and is maintained there; I have since moved on from X11.
SOCKS proxy server.
Portable and lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper


GitHub is where most of my new open source code resides.
—I have a Tumblr, mostly because I wanted to try it.
—I keep some photos on Flickr.

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