Dug Martell

Technical Director

Cell Phone: 503-980-5474

Email: Lordgud@monkey.org


Tech Experience

Technical Director Andrew Dickson: Sellout @ Wieden Kennedy Pica TBA 07 Summer/07

Production Manager The Heidi Chronicles @ Profile Theatre - Winter/07

Co-Technical Director - Jennifer Monson @ Disjecta - Pica TBA - Summer/06

Technical Director - Mark Russell Lecture @ Wieden Kennedy - Pica TBA Summer/06

Rental Scheduler/Supervisor, Theatre Manager @ PCC Theatre Dept. Spring & Summer/06

Master Welder/Master Carpenter/Assistant Technical Director - Urinetown the Musical @ PCC - Winter/06

Assistant Technical Director/Welder - Nora @ PCC Fall/04

Master Carpenter/Set Designer/Tech. Dir. - Tell Edith I Love Ya & Losers Weepers @ PCC - Lombo Bardi Fall/03

Assistant Technical Director - The Shadowbox @ PCC - Fall/Winter/02


Proficiency in all tools in the scene shop. Welding, general carpentry, Sound Design, Lighting Design, Sound Engineering, electrician, and rigging are just some of my skills. I can use scissor lifts and genie lifts as well.




Malina Rodriguez, Lighting Designer 971-404-7228

Dan Hays, Portland Community College Theater Manager 503-977-4284

Bruce Keller, PSU Technical Director 503-317-7238

Peter West, Lighting Designer 503-860-5011

Paul McCullough, Lighting Designer/Stage Manager 503-319-5006

Michael Demaio, Director 347-907-1999