Dug Martell



Cell Phone: 503-980-5474                                                                   Height: 5’9’’

Email: Lordgud@Monkey.org                                                               Weight: 165

                                                                                                            Hair:Sandy Blonde

                                                                                                            Eyes: Green




Portlandian Theatrical Society               dug                                                                   Theatre Uber Alles


The Tragedy of Macbeth                      Macbeth                                                           Theatre Uber Alles


One-Act Festival                                  Various Plays and Characters                           PSU


The Perfect Party                                  Alberto                                                             PCC One-Act Festival

Urinetown The Musical                         Hot Blades Harry/Old Man Strong                    PCC

Time and Tide                                      The Writer                                                        Theatre Uber Alles


Year of the Dog                                    Dog                                                                  Photographed Comic Book by Will Lund


John Kings Guitar Orchestra                 Guitar Player                                                    PICA’s TBA Fest




Acting: Devon Allen – Process and Classical training sequence at PSU


Voice: Michael O’Connell


Movement: Carolyn Holzman



Special Skills:


guitar, bass, juggling, welding, carpentry, sound editing, light design, I can make popping and dripping noises with my mouth, kung-fu, yoga, tenor, swimming, general sports.