The Children of Mars Presents:

Mars in Sci-Fi Movies, Comic Books, And Literature

___-The mission of this website is to observe the human races' perception of the planet Mars by way of some forms of popular entertainment. We will be delving into the fantastic idea of Santa Claus conquering Martians for not having the proper christmas spirit. We will be scoffing at the idea that the people of Mars are a green, shapeshifting, mindreading race of beings who can disappear and pass through solid objects on command. We will also be checking in on the possibility of homicidal killer robots and conquer-crazy space monsters inhabiting Mars and plotting the iminent and utter obliteration of our precious Planet Earth. We seem to know the truth about Mars (or more than we used to, and even though, how do we know it's not all a government hoax) so now step inside and join the Children of Mars into the most amazing journey of all....the sticky depths of the Human Mind!!

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Kelsi "Rhea Silva" Herman
Dug "Remus" Martell
Zach "Romulus" Wegner