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This is a story I wrote for an assignment given to me by the high order of Jape:


Deus ex Machina

Deep in the forest of the Yukon in northern Canada there lived a
colony of ants. This colony consisted of many thousand ants who were not
special in any way, shape or form. The specific genus of ants is not important but if
it makes you feel better we will call them "black" ants (but we won't
hold it against them). They were concerned with your average ant-like
concerns such as gathering food, serving the Queen, maintaining the anthill,
and etc.

This story is not about the colony, but on one particular ant who
we will call, "Mr. Anthead". Now, Mr. Anthead was not
special in any way. Being an average drone he did his job just like any
other drone ant by storing eggs, building and upkeeping the hill,
gathering food, appeasing the queen and other duties. He lived in the hill in various little
nooks and crannies that had no particular ownership to any ants, because that's how
ants live.

On this particular day Mr. Anthead heard from a messenger about a
battle with a spider going on not too far off to the north of the hill and
they needed help. The excited messenger then ran off to tell more ants.
Mr. Anthead immediately stopped mending the side of the hill where a
moose had run by damaging the hill earlier to follow the scent trail
the messenger had left.

As he followed the trail he encountered other ants who had been involved in the battle
and wounded by the spider. He caught bits and pieces of information about the
battle from these injured warriors. He learned that the spider had already
killed about four or five ants but was slightly wounded by the persistent onslaught
of the ants. He did not learn what kind of spider it was, which was Mr. Antheads'
greatest concern.

Growing nearer, he could hear the sounds of battle. If it's
possible that a battle between a spider and a bunch of ants could make
noise is not certain, but I'm sure an ant could hear it. The battle, he
found, was taking place within a small clearing under some shady trees
near a fallen tree.

He observed that the spider was surrounded by about
twenty-five to thirty ants and there were six dead ants strewn about.
The spider in question was of the "Brown" sort, which worried Mr.
Anthead because they have been known to cause particular trouble. The
spider, he noticed, had a leg missing and a couple others wounded. The
ants were attacking on all sides. Individually, the ants could not do
much, but when many attacked at once they were more effective. Mr. Anthead took
the opportunity, when many of the other ants had distracted the spider by
rushing him and biting at its legs, to climb up on it's back and start
biting at it's eyes. He realized this had been tried before since a few of
the eyes were already damaged. The spider countered this move by rolling
over on its back until the ant was knocked off.

Eventually more ants came by way of the scent trail and finished
off the dreadful brown beast. The ants then prepped the carcass to be
taken back to the hill to be eaten by the Queen and whoever else could
get a bite in. Mr. Anthead, along with a few other fellow ants, had
the honor of carrying this tasty morsel back to the hill.

As they were carrying back their hard earned prize, they felt a
far off rhythmic thud gradually getting closer. They took no heed to this
as ants are more concerned with the job at hand. The thudding got closer
and closer until a shadow was cast over them by a very large beast. The
beast stopped very near to where the ants were marching and suddenly, Mr.
Anthead and all the ants were crushed by a very heavy, yet soft
and warm weight that was dropped by the beast.

Twenty-three seconds later, a moose ran by and trampled part of the
hill before disappearing into the forest.

The End.