There will be 3 ceremonies: Vietnamese, Western, and Korean. Guests are welcome to all three however be warned, it makes for a long day. We expect most people to come to the Western and Korean ceremony because of time and location. Contact Linh if you are interested in attending the Vietnamese ceremony at linh@dugandlinh.org.

Also keep in mind that the Western and Koren ceremonies, as well as reception, will take place in Earhart Manor and tents behind the manor. Please keep your fingers crossed for good weather, check for www.weather.com and the Travel section of this website.

Vietnamese | Linh's parent's home in Canton, MI | 11AM
Western | Earhart Manor @ Concordia University | 4PM
Cocktails | Earhart Manor @ Concordia University | 4:30-5PM
Korean | Earhart Manor @ Concordia University | 5 PM
Vietnamese Ceremony
The Vietnamese wedding ceremony, or dam cuoi, calls for the groom and his entourage to pick up the bride at her parents' home. Once they arrive, we pray for blessings from our ancestors and family. Family members will present gifts and wish us well. A popular saying is "Tram Nam Hanh Phuc!" or "A hundered years of happiness!" We end with bows to each other and our family, thanking them for their support.

Vietnamese wedding websites:
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Western Ceremony
In this ceremony we will be able to express our feelings through vows we've written ourselves as well as through readings we've selected.
"Communion" bell hooks (excerpt)
"Letters to a Young Poet" Rainer Maria Rilke
"Marriage and Morals" Bertrand Russell
Korean Ceremony
The Korean wedding ceremony, or paebek, is similar in that we bow to each other and to our elders, but Dug gets a workout, too. Dug will give me and his mother piggy-back rides to demonstrate how he'll "take care of us" in the future. We are not exactly sticking to tradition with this ceremony and will be performing it correctly in Korea after the ceremonies here in Ann Arbor. Look for us performing the ceremony for the the World Cup crowd, at Korea House...like Greenfield Village only Korean.

Korean wedding websites:
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Kid Info
Friends will know that Dug and I LOVE kids so this will be a kid-friendly wedding. We'll have a magician and moonbounce available for kids (and adults) starting at 3:30PM. We only ask that if you know your child will be noisy during the ceremony, please escort them inside the manor to the magician area. Performances will also be available during the reception should parents want to dance the night away.
We've registered at Amazon, Target, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. (BBB had monkey towels, we couldn't resist.) But, we are also accepting donations to Linh's non-profit, Mam Non Organization. Funds will be distributed among impoverished Vietnamese orphanages and fund scholarship programs with Saigon Children's Charities. In the end, having our friends and family celebrate our marriage is a wonderful gift in itself. Thank you!

Mam Non Donations accepted through PayPal
Duc Son Pagoda Care Center (Hue, Vietnam)
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