August 21, 2006 - Baby!

Well, we never did get around to posting our honeymoon photos. We did however get around to having a baby.:) To all of the couples linking this site to their wedding site.....despite all of the wedding drama, just remember that it's really worth the effort.:)

July 5, 2002 - We're back!

Dug and I have just returned after 3 weeks of honeymooning and adventure. Tons to report including another wedding in Seoul, charities and Monkey Island in Vietnam, and getting close to hot lava in Hawaii. Pictures to be posted once we get our bodies back to working on Michigan time.

In the meantime, check out some online photos courtesy of some friends.

- Linh

June 7, 2002 - No webcast, weird weather

Last minute we decided not to webcast the wedding for several reasons...the wedding site's network is slow and well, maybe we have to draw a line at geek tendencies. No e-mail, no network, no webcast. Not so bad for our first day of married life.:)

Also, the weather here has been strange. Saturday is going to be warm, highs in the lower 80s and lows in the 40s. So expect to sweat during the day and be chilly at night. Sweaters will be mighty handy.

See you all soon! Woo-hoo to love and marriage!

- Linh

June 4, 2002 - Registry

Dug and I have registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Amazon, and Target. We are also accepting donations to Mam Non Organization.

Is it really Tuesday already?

- Linh

June 4, 2002 - Mice

Friends have asked about the significance behind our wedding invitation design. Here's an explanation...
The original "Old Rat Taking a Bride" is one of traditional Vietnamese woodblock prints produced by artisans from the village of Dong Ho in North Vietnam. By tradition, the so-called Dong Ho prints are produced only for celebration with Tet, or New Year, festival. People would paste the prints around the house for decoration and also as symbols that ward off evil spirits and spread good luck throughout the holidays and the year ahead. The painting depicts a humanized rat wedding split in two scenes. The top scene shows the musicians and the servants of the "old rat" presenting gifts -- a chicken and a fish -- to a cat. The bottom scene shows the wedding procession with the groom riding on a horse and the bride carried on a palanquin, escorted by lantern and banner carriers.

- Linh

May 12, 2002 - We discover monkey towels.

Dug and I fretted over registering the appropriate number of towels. The wedding industry might be getting to us after all.;) So we registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond today. Good thing we did because we discovered monkey towels and a monkey sleeping bag. Take note, the in-store prices are lower than the website. Monkey sleeping bag is on clearance here in A2.

- Linh

May 9, 2002 - Countdown!

Less than a month to go! Dug and I made a few changes to the website; added some books to the registry, a map with directions, and a change to the schedule. We decided to perform the Korean ceremony shortly after the Western ceremony, from 5-5:30. It's explained on the wedding page.

- Linh

April 19, 2002 - Clothes

Guests are asking "What do I wear to a Vietnamese/Korean/geek/punk wedding with moonbounces and a magician?" Dress casual would work but more importantly, please be comfortable since it's an outdoor wedding. Ladies, think about your shoes since heels will sink in the grass.

- Linh

April 17, 2002 - RSVP confusion, PayPal

Sorry for the confusion!

The invitations were sent out late. So if you haven't RSVPd because of the date on the invitations, don't worry and please don't be offended.

But please do confirm with me as soon as you can. Just e-mail me at

Also, I've linked the Mam Non PayPal account to the wedding section should anyone choose to donate. It's a bit easier than keeping track of checks during wedding mayhem.

- Linh

April 8, 2002 - Launch

Welcome to our wedding website!

Guests will find important wedding and travel information, as well as a couple goofy photos. Enjoy and please check back often for updates. See you in June!

- Linh