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wormy thoughts

recent days' activities have had me wishing i could go back and edit the WormsBook ever so much. for example, how a worm crashed a power plant's network. or how a worm stalled the vancouver airport. i do not believe that blaster played any role in last week's blackout.

ultimately i didn't think this worm was going to be a big deal, but i was wrong. not for the fact that blaster caused a lot of damage (not a whole lot to most people), but it did spur some interesting stuff. the ddos against, the welchia worm (which seems to be causing more problems than good), etc ...

i'm a tad surprised that we haven't seen large corporations build intelligent worms to go around patching systems. imagine that, you write a worm, program in your network descriptions, and load up a payload, like a patch or a configuration change. keep it running and every now and then load up a new patch. not unlike what xerox parc did, but even more intelligence. think of leaves but for good.

a good friend and his wife split up, he was overseas serving, she got fed up and bailed. he's pretty devastated, i certainly can't blame him. his daughter and wife are gone, that's a pretty serious blow to a person on many levels. couple that to the fact that every day more people are dying in a war we lied our way into and i'm pretty pissed. mr president, could you please justify all of this crap again? you sent men and women overseas, disrupting our economy, shattering their lives and those of innocent (and, yes, guilty) people abroad ... and you lied to do this?



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