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internet worm 2 ...

back in 1999 slashdot had an interview with the l0pht. someone asked in the interview about an internet worm II. replied the l0pht:

However, I don't feel that an Internet Worm II is necessary to teach Microsoft, its customers, or its vendors, about security. There are three ways to implement a security model, the slow way, the fast way, and the right way. The slow way involves making a bunch of little mistakes and fixing them over time as you find them, correcting your policies and implementations. The fast way involves having a major disaster occur, after which the faulty parts of the system are completely torn apart and reimplemented. In practice, the slow way often leads to the fast way.

interestingly this happened ... not just once or even twice but no less than three times. i only wish i had found this bit of prophecy when i wrote my WormsBook. speaking of that, i should be getting proofs soon.



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