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new wiki in place

i'm giving up, declaring defeat, and not going to finish the wiki portion of Fromage, my integrated blog and wiki project. it has some bugs, i haven't yet fixed them, and i'm tired of them being there. i could devote some time to fixing them, or i could accept the fact that other people wrote great wiki software, i can use that, and get back to what i meant to do.

so i did that, and i'm now using DokuWiki. quite pleased with it, all of my old links are retained, and voila ... new wiki in place. some code to merge over, a few lingering problems no doubt, and i'm relatively happy. hopefully you will be, too. if you want a wiki account, mail me.

learned about the OQO computer the other day, too. wow, that looks cool, almost everything people have been wanting in a palm top, or in a tablet PC, but didn't get with a palm, an x41, and the like. i can't wait for gen2 or 3, and the price to come down.



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Last modified: Sunday, Jul 10, 2005 @ 08:11pm
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