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what's been going on here?

i imagine some people have been asking about what may be going on here as of late, what with all of the pictures every day, the diminished discussions of tech, and the like. basically i'm not stopping doing tech stuff, i'm just not doing a whole bunch right now, i've been meaning to finish up the RSS newsmastering tool and get that discussed in a few places, maybe even released. and some more spam detection stuff (note that i told folks here that spam was coming from the US, and now it's been confirmed by people with better PR ties than i have).

years ago i was heavily interested in photography, i even had aspirations of being a photojournalist. since i started reading a bunch of photoblogs, that's been renewed. things i'd love to do include looking at how elections are held in various parts of the world and how politicians campaign (after seeing it in japan, i'm insanely curious at how it goes elsewhere), i'm interested in looking at culture and art elsewhere. it's such a huge world, i'd like to go see it and snap some pics. it's always a good excuse to travel.

when i had those aspirations of being a photojournalist, what i had wanted to do was being a conflict correspondent, ie take pictures from urban battlefields and the like. now that i know it's not simply dangerous to your health, but stressful as hell, i'll probably avoid it. but there was a point in high school where i would have happily hopped a plane to panama to take pictures of the fighting going on there just for fun.

i didn't pursue it because it's a field clogged by lots of people who also aspire to be photojournalists, and i didn't think i was good enough. i'm sort of glad i didn't try to make it, but other times i wonder what would have been .. probably a waiter working for tips hoping some day to make it as a photojournalist, or (at best) working for a small paper taking pictures of cats stuck in trees as opposed to traveling the world finding the interesting story and capturing it on film.

have a look at the winners of the best of still photojournalism, 2004 to see what i mean. that' some great work, but stiff competition. i knew it'd be difficult, if not impossible, to find a job in the field. i took an easy road out and went down a more traditional path. (then i bailed and started doing something else, finding it more enjoyable and finding more success. funny how life is.)

then again at that time i said i'd be loathe to use a digital camera, but i also had access to a dark room. i don't any more, and a digital camera is one of my favorite toys.

the picture above was just a chance sight on an ann arbor street one morning as i went to get some coffee. i'm mostly pleased with the composition and the visual texture. i'm also learning more and more about the camera i've had for a few years, and hopefully i will get better shots as a result of it. and that's what this is all about, me improving my skills as a photographer, seeing the world and always looking for an image to capture and share. i'm beginning to think of this experiment between a moblog and a photoblog. i'm using a better camera than a typical moblog, but i'm not touching them up or composing every shot as a piece of art like in a photoblog.



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