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a pretty incredible year

i've been quiet on the real entry front lately, it's been release notices and MyBookmarkBlogger stuff, here's a real entry.

what a year (it's only got a few more days left). after i said to myself i would take it easy and not give so many presentations, i went ahead and spoke in 3 foreign countries on a variety of topics. canada (csw, thank you dragos), france (lsm, thank you niels for suggesting me and thank you to the organizers for having me), and japan (thank you again, dragos). i released my first book, i finished another one. i bought a condo. i did a lot of work but have managed to crawl out of my shell at night, as beth has noticed.

i've made friends all over the world, and i wish i could take a month or so off and see all of them. we'll see if i can't do that, i never got my big vacation break in between grad school and my first full time job.

i feel bad about posting only MyBookmarkBlogger entries in the past couple of weeks, but someone wrote to me and it sounds like they like the links i post (even sans commentary). so, they may continue for a while. blogging is strange stuff, i'm not comfortable sharing too much with people about my personal or my professional life. i think this blog will keep on like it has been: announce pics, software, speaking materials, and links.

so far i don't know what 2004 will hold, i may actually go to defcon this year after missing the past couple of them. i've been missing several chances to see friends (and even missed paul and jodie's wedding), i should just take the trip.

talk to you all later, i have more packing and moving to do.



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