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sendmail 8.13 to clobber vthrottle

on thursday i received a gracious endorsement of vthrottle on the nanog list. sam also pointed out in a private mail, and roy brought up as well, that sendmail 8.13 (currently in development) can do this, too. no milter needed, so no rebuilding. no porting needed on my part, it will work everywhere sendmail will work.

sendmail's not incorporating vthrottle, but they are duplicating its principles (which are not unique, i have never claimed they were). i'm happy to see this, and it means i can drop the vthrottle project once 8.13 is out. :)

no ETA on sendmail 8.13, but ... that's when vthrottle will reach its end of life. i'm happy to see more MTAs doing this sort of thing. combine this with SMTP egress filtering and you're set to begin stopping many direct-to-MX worms.



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Last modified: Sunday, Mar 28, 2004 @ 10:40am
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