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vegas goth

the semi-gothic nature of vegas is an interesting juxtoposition. you have kids who are all neo-goth and fake goth coming into vegas for defcon, wearing black trenchcoats and boots in 104 degree heat and direct sun. people who don't normally see the sun don't seem to understand its effects.

me, i like some of the statues up at caesars. i don't much care for the hotel as a whole, or even the city. but every now and then you get a view of a picture that you enjoy. there aren't too many striking photo opportunities in vegas, the city is so squalid and disgusting, quite tacky, and rather unpleasant overall.

while cities like rome and petra have decayed into beauty, they did so by defining style and architecture and being built well. vegas will cumble into the desert and litter it with plastic and crap. these statues wont last the decade, i expect, before they're torn down and rebuilt.

sad. and here's vegas, a cheap attempt at looking like the cities of old.



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