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easy to use USB key with crypto (OpenBSD)

i've started using an encrypted filesystem on my USB storage key under OpenBSD. it's pretty easy using vnconfig -k, only you have to remember your passphrase (and i don't think you can easily change it). based on what this mailing list post says and this howto, you should be able to get this working. i use a 64 MB version of this key.

here's the script i use to manage the device, i keep it as $HOME/bin/crypto-usb:

# main()

if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then echo "usage: `basename $0` <create|start|stop>" >&2 && exit 1 fi

ACTION=$1 shift

case ${ACTION} in create) sudo mount /dev/sd0i /mnt sudo rm -f /mnt/* # XXX # assumes a 64MB key sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/key.img bs=1024 count=64000 sudo vnconfig -cvk /dev/svnd0c /mnt/key.img # you get prompted for a passphrase sudo newfs /dev/svnd0c sudo vnconfig -u svnd0 sudo umount /mnt echo "new filesystem ready to start" ;; start) sudo mount /dev/sd0i /mnt sudo vnconfig -c -v -k svnd0c /mnt/key.img sudo mount /dev/svnd0a /mnt2/ ;; stop) sudo umount /mnt2 sudo vnconfig -u svnd0 sudo umount /mnt echo "it is safe to remove the USB key now" ;; *) echo "usage: `basename $0` <start|stop>" >&2 && exit 1 ;; esac

exit 0
now you can move confidential data around with less worry.

May 4, 2004: fixed a couple of typos, pointed out by goony.

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