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tulips coming up

the weather turned warm this week. 70°F, even! now our tulips that we planed last spring are starting to come up. no flowers yet (too far north), but they'll be here soon enough.

i recently read Guess I'll be eating alone, a post on slacker manager, about Keith Ferrazzi's ability to network. basically this guy kieth knows so many people that he never finds himself without someone to eat a meal with in any city he goes to. now, i know some people most everywhere i go, but i'm paltry compare to most people who travel so much. i should pick up some tips here and be more confidant in myself, open up, and just start making friends and contacts. i think that's what holds me back most of the time ...

this interests me so much because jon, a friend of mine from work, noted dugsong's ability to know people everywhere. dug's a good person, smart, and very outgoing, so naturally he attracts people from all over. he can go virtually anywhere in the world and probably eat a meal with a friend. maybe i need to emulate him more where it matters most ...



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