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internal wireless and trivia bots

on friday morning i upgraded part of my laptop to some recent WinXP security patches. on saturday, i went to download the latest solid steel show and about 1/10th of the way into it, the device stopped working. after a reboot it was ok, and even browsing for a while it would be ok, but then it would hit a point and kaput. a full upgrade to XP SP2 didn't fix it, but new drivers form ibm fixed it. mostly. while everyhing else works now (and i don't get random disconnects), i still can't download solid steel using net transport without it crapping out. i suspect it's a buffer management error either in the program (i have the newest version, still buggy) or the driver. still, i like IBM's support for products, a lot.

saturday night i built beth a trivia bot. i grabbed some source from online and built up a large (120k question) database in a matter of a couple of hours or so. a few python scripts to convert from other database formats and voila, we have a fully interesting trivia bot. and she's quite happy ...



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