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i noticed the other day that i've taken about 1000 pictures since i went to blackhat in july. i started this daily picture thing not to display great art (plenty of great photoblogs already do that), but be closer to a snapshot blog. i get to work on my photography skills and show parts of the world i venture to or my little corner of the world in ann arbor.

the picture above was taken by me some 13 or 14 years ago. i took it using polaroid monochrome slide film, back when i was in high school and working on my photography. i started to experiment with alternative color development techniques and various films and exposures, and still enjoy this picture (and a handul of others) to this day. this picture hangs in our bedroom. it's a shot of an african violet, printed on normal black and white paper (if i recall correctly a kodak rapid development paper, glossy surface). taken with a minolta X-370 and a macro lens (either a 50mm lense reversed or a regular macro lens).



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