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swiss cow

out for fondu with nico, timo and jimmy in the mountains just outside of zurich. they also had a project wher ethey would paint cows, which were later sold to people in the city. similar things happend in chicago, nyc, and toronto.

as some of you know, if you get me started on RssClustering at a cocktail party i may just talk your ear off. i started thinking about this in spring, 2003, and acted on it in june, 2003. as you may have expected, i'm not the only one who has. right about the same time, someone was off building Intelli-Aggie 0.1b, which has some neat classification mechanisms. a few more links from perfectionism, including people musing about using a bayesian technique. (all they can think of is spam when they see bayes.) classifier4j is an example implementation in java. i'll stick to my current, naive setup in python.

i'll be talking about this project at notacon in cleveland next month.



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