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both jobo and les have a similar pair of stories which appeared on the blogginator. les tell us about how he got into coding via an atari 800 at school, and jobo tell us how the ti 99 was his gateway drug. in short, very similar stories, and probably very similar to other peoples' stories in our generation and position. i think that linh said that dug got into hacking around with computers to get the printer to say funny things. my gateway machines were a ti 99 and an apple ][ (not the commodore 64 route, which later lead me to macintosh, linux, and finally openbsd, bypassing dos and windows almost entirely until recently). thanks, by the way, for the support of my folks. parents make all the difference in the world. for a really stark and vivid story with a lot of impact, and how much of a difference technology and a parent's investment can make, check out ejovi's book.

dan talks about trees and mentions the trees at luther, where we both went to college all those years ago. there's this gorgeous tree on the campus, right in front of the main administration building, which turns this bright and shocking orange in the fall.

oh yeah, i got wiki auth working, so you'll have to contact me if you want to contribute. this is just to keep random schmoes from messing with it. and i even got a basic archive page working last night before i went to bed. now to find an image for the blog.

and i kept RSS/RDF working, as well.



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