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silence on the wire

recently i was asked to be a reviewer for michal zalewski's new book, silence on the wire. michal, for those of you that don't know, wrote the forewaard to my worms book. some time after that he pinged me about the topic of this book and, to be honest, i didn't quite see the market for it. boy was i wrong ...

people like this book, and i do, too. michal's been impressing me for ages, his creativity, his ability to find the order in the chaos and to bridge so many areas of computer science, logic, mathematics and hacking ... he's an uncommon guy. his silence on the wire expands on many of his (sometimes) lengthy bugtraq and community posts and brings together the background that demonstrates the origins of the problems. from Boolean logic to blinkenlights to passive sniffing (OS discovery, memory leakage, etc), he takes you on a tour that is enlightening and fun. you'll learn a boatload of stuff that people rarely cover, and you'll find that this opens up new avenues for you.

way to go, michal, great work.



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