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show samoyed (detroit dog show 2)

a samoyed prepares to enter the show ring at the detroit 2005 kennel club show in march, 2005.

i'm loving the discussions kicked up about a do it yourself B-school education. i want to ensure i have a good, secure career ahead of me, and i know that having versitile skills will assist with that. if i can handle business side stuff i'll be ok, even if i'm not actually doing MBA type things. to that end, i've been loving the mission statement Phrase-O-Matic, which i have decided to rewrite in python. i hope you enjoy it too, and can not only share at your next meeting but can use it to spot empty "business speak" from miles away.
#!/usr/bin/env python

# a mission statement Phrase-O-Matic generator, in python # based on

import random r = random.Random()

s1 = ["24/7", "multi-Tier", "30,000 foot", "B-to-B", "win-win", "front-end", "web-based", "pervasive", "smart", "six-sigma", "critical-path", "mission-critical", "dynamic", "synergistic", "proprietary", "heterogeneous", "scalable", "change-capable"] s2 = ["empowered", "sticky", "valued-added", "oriented", "centric", "distributed", "clustered", "branded","outside-the-box", "positioned", "networked", "harnessed", "focused", "leveraged", "aligned", "targeted", "shared", "cooperative", "accelerated", "best-of-breed","fault-tolerant"] s3 = ["process", "tipping point", "solution", "architecture", "core competency", "strategy", "mindshare", "portal", "space", "vision", "paradigm", "mission","thought leadership", "infrastructure", "life-cycle"]

x = r.randint(0, len(s1) - 1) y = r.randint(0, len(s2) - 1) z = r.randint(0, len(s3) - 1)

print "What we need is a %s %s %s" % (s1[x], s2[y], s3[z])



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