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a sad kind of love?

i'm not sure what you'll say, but i love my website finally. is this sad? let me explain why i love it.

it serves me. it's about me, sure, but it serves me. it meets needs i have. i get my news via my website. i read blogs via my website. i learn via my website. i stash information here, i communicate, i have a homepage that really is beyond what a homepage typically is ("this is me, whoop de doo"). it's my home, where i start surfing the net. i get to the things i want to, and it's not cluttered.

is that sad? i mean, it's just a website, after all, i shouldn't lavish so much time, attention, and adoration on it. its vain, perhaps, to say "i love my website." it's not the best website out there by any stretch of the imagination, it has style/usability issues. however, it's finally something that meets my needs. after 8 years of having a website, i finally use my website more than my bookmarks to navigate. i'm proud of that, but more than that i'm happy with it.



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Last modified: Thursday, Jun 12, 2003 @ 10:13pm
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