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i have revoked one of my PGP keys

i haven't been using it in a while, and i'm not certain it's safe (or ever was).
$ pgpk -ll  0xFD37F4E5
Type Bits KeyID      Created    Expires    Algorithm       Use
sec  2047 0xFD37F4E5 1999-07-16 *REVOKED*  RSA             Sign & Encrypt 
f16    Fingerprint16 = 89 B0 81 DA 5B FD 7E 00  99 C3 B2 CD 48 A0 07 80
uid  Jose Nazario 
SIG       0xFD37F4E5 2001-02-08 Jose Nazario 

1 matching key found
there's at least one other key out there floating around from me:
pub  1024 0x2A2203CD 2001-02-08 - DSS             Sign & Encrypt 
sub  2048 0x3CD632AA 2001-02-08 - Diffie-Hellman                 
uid  jose nazario 
this one needs to be revoked, too. i don't know if i have access to the private key any more. consider this one compromised, as well.



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