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cafe rico

a cup of cafe rico. many years ago i fell in love with puerto rican coffee many years ago. it's distinctive and very creamy. picked some up via the net and have been enjoying it ever since.

i found this description on a post on the smartmobs blog. basically, there's a PDA you can rent cheaply in amsterdam that gives you not only city info, but connectivity, too:
Timespots,, is a connected PDA full of interesting information and services, which you can rent at major hotels for a fixed daily fee. The device is filled with useful info on events, hotels, restaurants and attractions. In addition, audio tours covering all important points-of-interest are provided, along with games, just in case the points of interest do not entertain you at all.
american deployments of wireless, personal technology is so backwater and basic that i don't expect it to ever be functional here. imagine getting a temporary account which gives you info and GSM inet access ... we can't even deliver it easily to subscribers, let alone renters ...

i'd really like to see business just "get it" and start to teat technology deployments like this as a must-do. you generate business, you facilitate someone's vacation, and you dont have to charge very much for it, too.



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