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a new wineglass stencil that appeared in ann arbor recently. the building owner painted over it a few days later.

i had an idea in zurich about using cell phones to either solicit for a ride or notify you that a ride was available via a simple, one time "subscription" entry to a service. the idea is simple.

for the taxi, your phone would use a micro network mechanism, like bluetooth, to announce "hey, i need a lift". passing taxis equipped with the technology would identify your need and pull over. maybe not such a hot idea, because you can simply raise your hand and get a can in metro areas. also see push to taxi by paul golding.

i had a better idea, though, about using your cell phone as a personal notification mechanism. you're current position is known to you, and that's all you need to know. however, what if the bus, train, or tram (zurich has trams, so this is why i thought about it) would notify you via a bluetooth or sms mechanism "i'm just around the corner and coming in a second". you could even be alerted up to five minutes ahead of time so that if you were shopping you'd be ok.

i'm still displeased with the amount of utility a personal locator or information device like the cell phone has received from companies. when will they get it stateside?



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