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passphrase generator

inspired by xkcd 936 on password generators, i wrote a simple passphrase generator in python. you can see it below.
#!/usr/bin/env python

import random import sys

try: passlen = int(sys.argv[1]) except IndexError: passlen = 4 # default to 4

r = random.Random() words = [ x.strip() for x in open('/usr/share/dict/words', 'r').readlines() ] for x in xrange(passlen): print r.choice(words), print

usage is simple: just specify how long you want the passphrase to be. if you want klingon, spanish, etc you can alter the list of words.

some examples:
Dix:bin jose$ ./passphrase 
Euplocomi Protomycetales hypodermal reissuer
Dix:bin jose$ ./passphrase 
hidromancy precompounding reascertainment gnomical
Dix:bin jose$ ./passphrase 6
orthographize sicknessproof velvetbreast holocephalian hypochlorhydric harshly

hope this is useful to someone.



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