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open source weaknesses

last night i did it again, i went looking for an open source version of subethaedit, a distributed, network aware editor. never mind you can find hundreds of IRC clients and bad mail programs, you just can't find interesting programs for UN*X in some categories. distributed systems is one of them.

i'm constantly annoyed by open source, like their failure to make rendezvous like features so damned easy to use (i mean, come on, zeroconf networking is standard!), via a simple API and set of binaries. not that hard, people.

do we need another mail client? probably not, and if you do here's a couple of features i would like to see in one. first, allow multiple folders for any single message. rarely does a message touch on just one subject ... secondly, allow me to link in "related" messages, like a "see also ...". would be neat, i tend to use my inbox as a memory storage system. integrate this with a tasklist/reminder system ... oh, and madfast search, like BeMail had.

anyhow ... maybe i should have just bought a mac this weekend.

update chris points me at howl, an open source zeroconf API. FINALLY.

crikey. if the gnome/qt/etc people weren't pissing over themselves to write another lousy window API, we'd be seamlessly networked. same with SVG ...



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