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maybe you don't want to be the next google, but maybe you want a google appliance for your corporate intranet and don't want to spend a lot of money on it. so, what do you do? you use an open source search engine, point it at your intranet, and let it go. i have been toying with mnogosearch this evening and found it to be pretty good. has a few quirks but overall handles things nicely.

some links for you: mnogosearch is easy to use, just build it, install the .cgi and edit the search HTML template, and then run the indexer. it will construct and index the database for you, and you can begin searching automatically.

right now i'll have to solve a problem with the Microsoft intranet servers and their HTML display showing links as JavaScript actions. i may have to resort of using Samba to mount the filesystems and examine them directly as "file://" links.

anyhow, i think this has a lot of promise. basically i keep forgetting where certain documents are :)

later ... i played with mnogosearch some more and wow, it has some cool features. you can tweak it to recognize PDF, Word, PPT, Excel and more docs and process them for indexing. This makes it really usable for a corporate intranet site. i need to document how i did this for others to make use of it, but basically you can forgo buying a google or thunderstone appliance.



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