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oops command lives

years ago i saw my dad working in a terminal and i could have sworn i typed "oops " when he made a typo and it worked: the command was fixed and rerun, he didn't need to retype the whole thing. i always wanted the oops command.

however, it didn't exist, or at least as i knew it. so i wrote a portable version of it (it seems it exists in zsh, a shell i just don't use). the python part of it is really simple, just a levenshtein distance calculator and a replacement engine. you need to create a command alias for it however:

ksh, sh, bash:
$ alias oops='history>/tmp/oops_history && ~/bin/'
csh and derivatives:
% alias oops 'history > /tmp/oops_history && ~/bin/'
here's a brief example of it in action:
$ emacss ~/bin/
ksh: emacss: not found
$ oops emacs
[ emacs opens and voila, working ... ]
i make a lot of typos and rather than cutting, pasting, fixing the line this makes it easier. some bugs and limitations: let me know if you're interested in playing around with it.



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