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novi pet expo

a dog runs back to the starting line in a flyball race hosted at the novi pet expo. the event was pretty dog centric, although we did see performing pigs, lots of dogs including many greyhounds up for adoption, and even some precision cats (cats which had to walk a precision course; they didn't do so hot with that ...). oh, and some more exotic animals like a lynx, some tigers and lions, and even some llamas.

i don't think i had ever heard of flyball racing, but there is evidently a book on the subject: Flyball Racing: The Dog Sport for Everyone (Amazon link). from the description:
Imagine four dogs, competing against each other side-by-side on two separate racing lanes. Then picture a packed crowd of spirited spectators waiting to hear "Get Your Ball" and the excited barking of the competitors at the cue to start the race. If you can envision racing lanes with four jumps, spaced ten feet apart, and a Flyball box at the end of each lane -- you know the thrill of Flyball Racing. The anticipation of a great race is just one of the resaons that Flyball Racing has become such a popular sport for dog enthusiasts all over the world. The enthusiasm pervades this comprehensive book that includes all of the details about this fun and friendly competition.
it was great to see see dogs big and small competing against eachother, and sometimes the smaller dogs did better than the larger dogs which had too long of a stride. one team had a greyhound, however, and that simply moved faster than anyone else's dog.



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