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yet another aggregator

last night i got fed up with trying to keep up with a few security sites, so i made my own. that's right, by aggregating together a handful of interesting sites, i get a pretty good perspective on the infosec world. this one's a big different than the others, although it borrows from some of the techniques from my other aggregators, it's really the whole RssAggregation toolkit at play. the backend is based on HomeSchooledHacker but the front end is based on a modification of my WorldNews site. it's slowly morphing into a set of components i can recycle, and that makes me happy. now to make it usable by others.

earlier in the week i gave two presentations at Infosec. the first, on monday, was a brand new talk i'm busy maturing on DetectingWorms. this is totally from my WormsBook, and i hope to get some milage out of it (if you know what i mean ...). i didn't get as many questions or comments as i expected, i'm not quite sure what that means. was it not liked by people? the second was on my SpamAnalysis, and was well received. this one got a lot of play, and i think i opened a few eyes. my main goal was to develop a better system of blocking spam, but i wound up examining some spam "truths" and finding that i couldn't find evidence to support them. i wound up giving some of my own advice for blocking spam and some perspectives. given that i put a lot more work into the worms stuff than i have for the spam stuff, i'll have to see what failed there if i want to get better feedback on the worms stuff.

i'll be pretty busy over the next few days trying to get a bunch of stuff together before i go to canada and then the LibreSoftwareMeeting. i finally get my vacation :).

speaking of aggregation, les has some new code up for a new aggregator written in python and sqllite. knowing les, this will be worth watching.



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