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i miss daypop

looks like daypop is giving me some problems. bummer, i was really getting into the site, too. however, maybe i can craft something like this for myself. after all, it's just a one man shop. the reason i like daypop is that it goes beyond the usual of google, and without resorting to hacking google. now, it's fun to wish and scheme about outdoing google, but sometimes you just have to skip it all and do it yourself. daypop helped remind me of how boring a search engine, even with news and stalkerific abilities, really is. silly, but it does open up the web in a lot of ways.

i figure it shouldn't be too hard to create some of the things i liked about daypop, notably the blogdex (top links people had been talking about in the blogs in the past few days).

later ...

daypop is back up. unfortunately they are not hiring, so .. (not that i'm looking to leave arbor, but a cool opportunity would be worth thinking about).

there was probably some other stuff i wanted to say, but i honestly forget.



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Last modified: Thursday, Jun 12, 2003 @ 10:13pm
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