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pics from minneapolis up

i've put up the minneapolis pictures from last weekend up on the site. the set is pretty large, but covers a bunch of days and a lot of friends. you can view the pictures here.

i like minneapolis a lot, it's a very fun, livable, and nice place to be. however, i've spent the past ten years living closer to the east coast, so i found myself to be a more .. type a driver than i expected. shouting "just drop the hammer" at a driver on the way from the airport is a definite sign. (seriously, we nearly collided with some peple who thought it was ok to drive well below 40 mph at night. on a highway designed for 70 mph.) when i was younger i expected i'd move there, but that was before i had seen much of the world. i still would love to live there, work i enjoy doing being available, of course.

i'd even put up with the winters. :)



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