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meijer flowers (8)

what i think is an orange tree at the meijer gardens.

slashdot posted my review of Aggressive Network Self-Defense. in a nutshell, i'm still opposed to the idea, substantially. read my review for some more info.

about a year ago brandon and i saw our book on openbsd, secure architectures with openbsd, published. the culmination of a few years of work that brandon started, we were proud. this was a few days afer jim and i announced we're done, and we quit doing the openbsd journal. theo was livid because we didn't bother to clarify it anymore, despite jim's really clear post (which i also approved and agreed with). we were simply tired, doing something like that every day is a very draining place to be. you have theo bitching you out from time to time, and you have readers who complain, and no one seems happy. ever. theo was pissed and killed my openbsd commit access.

well, this past year has been nice, i'm more or less openbsd free. i still use it, but i don't deal with the project any more. its been stress free, no more random hate mail from theo, and no more worries about stuff. while i like that theo doesn't believe in "a for effort", his approach of pissing on people who actually do support his efforts got to me. the joke was on him, anyhow, i was gonna quit right about then. i simply lacked the time and energy to devote to the project.

so what's this mean? go do everyone a favor and write a nice note to someone who wrote some free software or who maintains a website resource you count on, be it larkware, slashdot, joel on software, or whatever. thank them, because it's all too often a thankless job. in fact, thank someone once a week for their work. they deserve it.



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