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meijer flower (7)

lest you think beth and i keep going to the meijer gardens, we don't. these are all pics i took a couple of weekends ago.

beth is pretty awesome, and sometimes i am amazed at it. she listens to me ramble about globalization, and damn i'm happy she does. then again, sometimes i'm just babbling and i wouldn't know if she wasn't listening. still, beth rocks ...

she pointed out the book the world is flat by Thomas L. Friedman. given my thoughts on globalization, how can i not be interested. a couple of things that appeared on my aggregator that are related: i highly suggest you read them, too. globalization has massive implications, and along with those essays and the book, you should get your hands on sinking globalization by niels ferguson. it appeared in the march/april 2005 foreign affairs journal (thanks nitrogen for the subscription and the pointer). we live in very interesting times.



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