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i can't believe i haven't seen anyone else do this before. wrote up a little pcap program in an evening that basically displays network traffic in the vertical scrolling fashion of the matrix views from the movie. sure, it's missing all of the kanji, but that shouldn't be impossible to add provided your terminal has wide character support.

what this tool does is display actual, live netwrk traffic in a random column on the screen. it uses the ncurses library and libpcap to do this. if i actually used it i'd fix a few bugs, add a few features, and probably do it in python instead of C (for various reasons). so, the code's linked below, warts and all. feel free to fix them up.

other things that may acutally do something like this: netcocoon analyzer, and that's it. odd ... granted, this isn't a useful view, but i figure someone would have some eye candy around it ...

more crazy matrix stuff: the matrix in ascii, some whacky ascii art, and cmatrix, which directly inspired this (but shares no code).

get the code: matrixdump.

later if you've downloaded it already, check it again. a few bugs fixed and some smoothing added in. and it works on OS X, reportedly.



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Last modified: Wednesday, Oct 13, 2004 @ 12:57pm
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