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march tracks

tracks in the snow from friday morning.

the other day i mentioned i got the great info on the moleskine projects from 43 things. i didn't, i messed up. i got it from 43 folders, a much different site. some of it is the usual tech blowhard stuff, but overall it's more about doing than posturing. that i can live with ... plus they like moleskin notebooks, they can't be all bad. (blatant use of technology for anything is something i try to avoid.)

i spent a good chunk of time on thursday and friday (when i wasn't busy with many, many other things, so this was about 2 hours of time i had to do this) setting up a new powerbook laptop at work. one of the reasons i chose a powerbook (over a new thinkpad running BSD or Windows) was the memory management on OS X and the richer development environment i get. i'm mostly pleased, but more on that later. i wanted to get starting on some UML work for use case modeling as soon as possible, and i found a free UML package that i can live with, ArgoUML. it's java based, has a few quirks i could live without, but overall i'm quite pleased with it, and the powerbook.

more OS X links coming, i'm sure. right now i'm using pretty common software, like Devon Think and such, and i'm not interested in taking time to hack it up. after years of Linux, BSD and hacking systems, i'm just interested in getting real work done. i still use BSD, i still develop software on BSD, i'm just in need of some more software applications and suites to get more done right now with a minimum of hassel in setup or maintenance.



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